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A Visit To The Hospital

“What happened to your eye?” Excuse me? I’m here because I’ve been vomiting blood and you want to talk about my eye? To do a quick rewind: I was put on Naproxen for the pain in my feet. Not only … Continue reading

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Staring Without Seeing, And Other Stories

That’s what I tend to do when I’m waiting for my hospital appointments; I have my Kindle, of course, but occasionally my gaze will sweep the waiting area and see – but not see. Images are vaguely noted – sometimes … Continue reading

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Count The Shadows

When you’re a Whovian, if somebody mentions a library you immediately think of the episode Silence In The Library and the Vashta Nerada: I’m sure that library staff the world over are fed up with asking someone if they need … Continue reading

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I can walk; I can even jog a little, and dance in short bursts. I can get to the local shops and back and sometimes I don’t even need my walking stick. What I cannot do, however, is have days … Continue reading

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As The World Falls Down, And My Son’s Life Changes Forever

Hello. I haven’t left WordPress. I’ve been reading all of you, but I’ve only left a smattering of comments here and there. I haven’t been ignoring anybody; things have been happening in my son’s life that I have had to … Continue reading

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Translation: I did it! And what better picture than a delighted Hiro Nakamura to express my happiness? This week has been seriously rough on me, what with my autistic son being transferred and sectioned to a young adult facility and … Continue reading

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A Street Cat Named Bob

Synopsis: The true story of one man and his cat. James Bowen discovered the injured ginger tom just inside the entrance to his sheltered housing block. A lonely busker who had spent ten years on the streets and was nursing … Continue reading

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Since the sectioning of my son I seem to have retreated into myself a little bit. Emails have not been responded to – if they were ever looked at – and blogs have gone unvisited. I’ve been communicating mostly via … Continue reading

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Once upon a time, many years ago, my grandmother declared that I was so stubborn that I would even defy death until I was good and ready to turn up my toes. She was right, actually; there have been a … Continue reading

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Epilepsy and Blogging

Sometimes, the seizures are so severe that inertia and memory loss set in. My last seizure was a week ago – but I’m still not really making sense of things. D will talk to me and I won’t have understood … Continue reading

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