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The Life And Times Of A Transient Journalist

I am most definitely not dead, but a lot of things have been happening – both to me and for me. My time has recently been taken up with gardening, cross-stitch, writing for What Culture, running a Facebook group with … Continue reading

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Since the sectioning of my son I seem to have retreated into myself a little bit. Emails have not been responded to – if they were ever looked at – and blogs have gone unvisited. I’ve been communicating mostly via … Continue reading

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Wedding Bells

This time last year my Bridesmaid and I were being pampered by my lovely hairdresser, who had opened the salon especially for us, while my friend Lisa rushed around  making tea and sandwiches for the assembled hoardes of Ghengis Kahn … Continue reading

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Once upon a time, many years ago, my grandmother declared that I was so stubborn that I would even defy death until I was good and ready to turn up my toes. She was right, actually; there have been a … Continue reading

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Growing Up Aged Thirty Nine And A Half

Growing up is something that I tried to avoid for all of my life until now. I inherited Romani blood which runs hot in my veins; I am an autumn child who has spent many years floating free with no … Continue reading

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Epilepsy and Blogging

Sometimes, the seizures are so severe that inertia and memory loss set in. My last seizure was a week ago – but I’m still not really making sense of things. D will talk to me and I won’t have understood … Continue reading

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Where Did You Think You’d Be?

D just wandered into the bedroom (yes, I’m still bedbound and considering x-rays or something) and asked me a question that prompted me to blog: “If someone had told you seven years ago that you would end up in a … Continue reading

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Turning Japanese And Cross-Stitch Flowers

I am still stuck in bed, but feeling a good deal better. My bruise has come out in some rather amazing hues, but the pain isn’t as bad as it was – in fact, I managed to roll over to … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Devotion

I love to write free-form, unstructured poetry. It’s honest; it’s pure; it’s emotive in a way that structured, rhyming stanzas are sometimes not. I dedicate this free-form to my wonderful husband, D, who has no idea how much I truly … Continue reading

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Sexuality And Disability

In my hometown of Cheltenham lives a very famous lady. She is famous for being amazing. For the sake of argument, we’ll call her “Lisa”. Lisa is only a few years older than myself and is a Thalidomide victim. She … Continue reading

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