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As The World Falls Down, And My Son’s Life Changes Forever

Hello. I haven’t left WordPress. I’ve been reading all of you, but I’ve only left a smattering of comments here and there. I haven’t been ignoring anybody; things have been happening in my son’s life that I have had to … Continue reading

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Since the sectioning of my son I seem to have retreated into myself a little bit. Emails have not been responded to – if they were ever looked at – and blogs have gone unvisited. I’ve been communicating mostly via … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Devotion

I love to write free-form, unstructured poetry. It’s honest; it’s pure; it’s emotive in a way that structured, rhyming stanzas are sometimes not. I dedicate this free-form to my wonderful husband, D, who has no idea how much I truly … Continue reading

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An Overview Of 2012

Every year, for as long as I can remember, I have always taken the year that was and written a review of it. As a child it was in paper diaries; for the last twelve years or so it has … Continue reading

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Goodbye To Compass

This morning we had our final meeting with Sheila, our Compass counsellor. Since that first meeting, when I was still so withdrawn and suspicious of strangers, it hasn’t really felt like counselling at all; it’s been more like visiting a … Continue reading

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The Lights Are On And Somebody’s Home!

I would usually blog about this at Thoroughly Disordered – my blog about my struggles with alcohol and anorexia – but I felt that this was something to share on my main blog, because for me it is a major … Continue reading

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The Importance Of Diagnosis

When you have any kind of physical or neurological “disorder” (and I use that term very loosely) it’s vital to have a proper diagnosis to keep that “disorder” from completely ruining your life. If there is no medication for your … Continue reading

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Epilepsy And Lifestyle Changes

As blogged at Thoroughly Disordered yesterday, I need to make some serious lifestyle changes. I chose not to put it all here on my main blog because I felt that it didn’t really belong, but it’s probably still worth a … Continue reading

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When The Drugs Don’t Work

On Tuesday I had an emergency appointment with my epilepsy nurse, after he picked up the frantic message that I left on his system over the weekend. He decided not to let me wait another couple of weeks for the … Continue reading

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Carers, Stress And Human Rights

Look at the man in this picture. He is tired; he is stressed; he is isolated. He simply cannot take any more strain alone. He, like my husband, is a carer to someone – his needs ignored or put behind … Continue reading

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