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Me And The Girls; Book Clubbing

Welcome to Baroosh, the city centre tapas bar which is perfect for friends, colleagues and groups of like-minded people to meet up, chat, have nibbles and get tipsy enjoy a drink or two. You can always tell which table the … Continue reading

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And He Learned

Originally posted on Rant Against the Random:
When he noticed the naked little girl at the beach didn’t look quite like he did and asked why, they answered his questions in simple phrases painted in black and white, pink and…

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My loves, my students, my teachers, my friends…

Originally posted on rarasaur:
Back when I first started blogging, the Daily Post issued a prompt: You have the chance to write one last post on your blog before you stop blogging forever. Write it. I wrote a reply, then,…

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Here’s the real reason the Tories are allowing the destruction of robin eggs and nests

Originally posted on Pride's Purge:
(not satire – it’s the Tories!) I must admit to having been more than a little puzzled at first as to why Natural England are proposing that nests and eggs of bird species such…

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A Gay Dad Takes on the Frozen-Hating Mormon Grandmother

Originally posted on evoL =:
Last week a self defined Mormon grandmother named Kathryn Skaggs wrote a blog in an effort to alert the world that the movie Frozen was targeting children with a “gay agenda”.  In a sense, she was…

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It could be a peaceful little village from the pages of a Tolkien novel, except that it only exists in my head, when I’m asleep and dreaming. I often find myself there at some point during my sleep cycle. The … Continue reading

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Appalling From Facebook

I have Romany Heritige that I am immensly proud of. I have reported this disgraceful page myself and had the same response from Facebook. Apparently if you’re a Romany, a Witch, a Pagan, Shamanic, Druidic etc., you’re fair game because … Continue reading

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‘Hard working people’ doesn’t work for me…

Originally posted on Paul Bernal's Blog:
There are few expressions that annoy me more than ‘hard working people’ – and few that we hear more in the current political climate. There are so many things wrong with it that…

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Title reveal! Our new Anthology

Originally posted on Writer's Block:
A little while ago, I discussed the search for a new name for an Anthology I’m putting together. It’s always a tricky process – finding something which captures the essence of a work, and…

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Shackles of the Mind

Originally posted on Arranging Reality:
This post has been hanging around in my files for quite a while.  I’ve finally got round to posting it.   I spent the first 30 years of my life not knowing I had a…

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