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Thanksgiving, Thinky Thoughts And TV Documentaries

Here in England we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but we still wish everybody who does a wonderful day. We also reflect on what we’re thankful for. For me, 2011 has officially been The Year Of Suck. Not only has my health … Continue reading

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November Ponderings – Health

I may have mentioned that I am a sci-fi geek. I especially love Doctor Who, and have done so for my entire life. It isn’t my birthday for another ten days yet, but I’ve spent most of this month in … Continue reading

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My Favourite Photograph Of 2011

Today’s entry from Gone Bananas has got me thinking. About feelings of self-worth, recovering from anxiety and my journey towards confidence over the last eighteen months or so. This year my self-esteem took the largest knock it has ever taken. … Continue reading

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Too Much Time To Think

If there’s one thing that I really don’t “do” too well, it’s listening to my body when I’m run down. That’s why I’ve been dealing with stomach flu for the last month, because I’ve been attempting to carry on as … Continue reading

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Autism: Obsessions Or Gifts Of Talent?

As many autists do, I know that I can obsess hugely about some things. For instance, I am so obsessed with the sci-fi genre that I can never get enough of it. Doctor Who is my top obsession in the … Continue reading

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When Lightning Strikes

Well actually, it was Epilepsy. I was rather hoping that I’d not need to describe a seizure so soon, but it happened and I’d like to record it; mostly because I can come back to read this and perhaps not … Continue reading

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Neurologically Speaking

The brain. What a strange and fascinating organ. Functional, and yet full of mystery as well as neurons. The neurons can also be quite fascinating. Especially when they refuse to do what you would like them to do. Take my … Continue reading

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