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… And The Doctor Came For Christmas

We always have a very quiet, peaceful Christmas here at Tribble Towers; we don’t subscribe to the commercial, money-grabbing circus that the festive season has become. Gifts are simple but much-desired, food is cooked with love and it’s all about … Continue reading

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Grateful At Christmas: The Tale Of Tribble Towers

Goss Coaching has made a wonderful entry here, which reminds us all as to what the spirit of Christmas is all about. She made this blog entry right after Tribble and I learned of a gentleman in our county – … Continue reading

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Christmas At Tribble Towers

Just two more days to go, and here at Tribble Towers we are more or less ready. Family (mine) has been visited, gifts traded, pickles created and menus planned. I still have to wrap a couple of gifts and make … Continue reading

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It’s All About R!

Genetics are strange and unpredictable things. When I became pregnant I had no idea that my maternal family was subject to brain disorders that struck each generation. I didn’t know that my great-grandmother had been epileptic and everybody thought that … Continue reading

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The Christmas Adventure Begins Here

For us it does, anyway; Tribble Towers has a lot to do. Tomorrow we are travelling to my hometown of Cheltenham for a weekend: This is part of the town centre. It is a really beautiful place, but I don’t … Continue reading

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Another Doctor Who Christmas

It’s the time of year that every Who fan, young and old, awaits with keen anticipation year after year after year. This year our Whovian holiday is to be known as “Smithmas”. The Doctor and his crew are turning up … Continue reading

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There was a time that I would have been almost afraid to broach this subject because of its nature, but then I realised that – the more a subject is avoided – the more likely it is that it needs … Continue reading

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Sticking It To The Man

Not long ago I promised an account of the oral surgery that I’ve mentioned here, and what I had to go through to achieve my goal. Here is the account in full, with dates and days obviously updated – my … Continue reading

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A Nomination!

I’ve not long wandered downstairs due to an attack of insomnia, and have recieved an incredibly wonderful surprise. I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Goss Coaching. I’m delighted to have been nominated by such a prominent … Continue reading

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Fast-Forwarding To 2012

We have quite a busy year ahead of us here at Tribble Towers. I had to have some teeth removed in October, and in February I’m being fitted for the partial dentures (I investigated the possibility of implants, which I … Continue reading

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