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It’s always so very wonderful to travel back to my home town to visit my son, my mother and my sister. I look forward to it every time, as we always use the same amazing guest house, we always get … Continue reading

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An Unearthly Child?

When I was a child people hadn’t really heard about Autism. Many doctors were trying to cover the condition up as a myth, and many social workers would misinterpret Autism as parental neglect. It’s a sad fact that many of … Continue reading

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Wish Fulfillment Dreams

I often enjoy my dreams; my brain is rich with images and ideas while I’m sleeping. In my dreams I can swim like a dolphin; I can dance, light as a feather, to any rhythm. In my dreams I can … Continue reading

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Cottleston Pie, And Other Stories

“Cottleston Cottleston Cottleston Pie, a fly can’t bird but a bird can fly. Ask me a riddle and I’ll reply. Cottleston Cottleston Cottleston Pie.” When I was a very little girl my dear Nan presented me with The Pooh Cook … Continue reading

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On Hearts And Flowers Day

Here at Tribble Towers, the world doesn’t stop because it’s 14th February. Washing up still gets done, emails still need to be answered, the washing machine still spins and the boys next door still lose their footballs over our fence … Continue reading

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Twitter, And Some Tasty Treats!

You can now find a button on my page to follow me on Twitter. I hear that this bumps up the readership of many bloggers, and I would like to both expand my audience and find new blogs to follow. … Continue reading

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Never Say Goodbye

This particular song by Bon Jovi has been a favourite of mine for many years now. When I listen to it, I cast my mind back to my mid to late teens and I remember my friends, the music that … Continue reading

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Frugal February

This idea came to my attention via Minibreak Mummy‘s blog, and it seemed like something I could try to achieve. Frugal February is about cutting back on everything you possibly can. When you are disabled and your partner is your … Continue reading

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Tea And Sunshine

Not long ago, a fellow blogger on a different site described my daily dose of inane, insane ramblings, insights and observations as “Tea and sunshine” – stating that reading my less-than-deep meanderings always made him smile, and implying that my … Continue reading

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A Gardener’s Planning Year

It may not be growing season just yet, but it is certainly time to begin planning anything new in the borders that will work around existing plants. This year I have decided to mix vegetables in with my flowers, as … Continue reading

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