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Needlework Days

You would think that, given the fact that I have a broken toe and am confined mostly to bed, needles would be flying through my current project. Actually no. Just days before the fall that broke my toe I’d pruned … Continue reading

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Rosewinelover (@RoseBlossom4) To “I Wish I Didn’t Have Aspergers”: An #AutismPositivity2012 Flash Blog Event

If you’ve stumbled across this blog entry, it will be because you were searching for advice and support for aspergers/autism and your search engine enquiry guided you to me. So first of all I would like to welcome you, and … Continue reading

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Forty-Eight Years Of Doctor Who

A friend pointed me at this and I simply had to share. It shows all of the Doctors, the most popular monsters and is just wonderful. D is almost as old as Doctor Who. My goodness! Also, have a picture … Continue reading

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Originally posted on The Third Glance:
A couple of weeks ago, someone somewhere googled “I Wish I Didn’t Have Aspergers”. The phrase popped up in a blogging dashboard and struck the blogger as being particularly sad. She wished she could…

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Let Them Eat Cake!

D’s mother has never organised a wedding. The reasons for this are that D’s baby brother has no intention of tying the knot, ever, and D’s little sister told the family about her wedding after the event (“Hi big brother, … Continue reading

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In Which I Get Myself In A Pickle

Mum wanted chilli courgette pickle, and I wanted to get downstairs and do Something after being laid up for so long. So last night I decided to make them and royally b0rked it. Here is how not to make chilli … Continue reading

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You Can Do It!

Over the last three weeks I have been stuck in bed due to the fall that caused the bruises, sprains and broken toe that I recently blogged about. I have never taken the limited mobility that I still have for … Continue reading

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New Life, And The Lessons It Can Teach

I could have put these straight in to the compost bin. Three little ones and the large clump that fell from my ageing, weak parent plant. However, where there’s life there’s hope – and so I gave them a chance. … Continue reading

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For The Eleventh Doctor Fans

A little bit of silliness from me two years ago. I cannot believe I am showing you this – but yes, I did indeed eat fish fingers and custard. I am also very shy of being in front of the … Continue reading

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My Tribute To Elisabeth Sladen

When Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith from Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures) passed away suddenly last year I was devastated. In Katy Manning’s own words, “Elisabeth was the Doctor Who Girl; I’ll give her that gladly”. I wanted … Continue reading

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