The Outrage Of An Autistic Parent

I know little to nothing of Jenny McCarthy, save for the fact that she’s an ex Playboy Bunny and an idiot.

She also happens to have an autistic son.

Wait, what’s that? She cured him? It’s a miracle; won’t she tell us how she did it so we can magic our childrens’ autism away too? She won’t? How selfish! Oh, you mean she doesn’t know how she cured him because she made it all up? That’s cruel; how dare she give us false hope, or perhaps think that the rest of the autism parenting community is stupid enough to believe her.

The self-proclaimed face of Autism Awareness. Are you serious?

Posing nude for Autism Awareness? Please don’t do that; I’m sure my profoundly autistic son wouldn’t see the relevance any more than I can.

Who wants to be cured of their autism anyway? Not me!

This blog post by Diary of a Mom had me seething with rage. This has-been pin up, this complete idiot who “accidentally” sent her dentist a nude photograph of herself dares to call herself a voice for Autism Awareness?

Please excuse my anger, but the woman can barely string two words together and doesn’t have a clue what she’s talking about! Victim Mums vs Warrior Mums? We’re just Mums, lady; there are no victims or warriors here.

What’s this victim rubbish anyway? Does Jenny McCarthy really think that any parent of an autistic child loves the attention and sympathy they get? She must be living on another planet, because my son’s autism has never brought me sympathy – it’s brought me accusations and angry neighbours and people crossing the street or pointing and laughing at “that window licker”.

Yes Jenny; people have genuinely referred to my son as a window licker! To my face. In front of me. Snidely to a friend but knowing that I can hear every word.

You call that sympathy? I’ll call you an idiot – again. Actually Jenny I shall repeat this: You Are An Idiot.

If you want to be taken seriously as a famous face for Autism Awareness, you may wish to take a few lessons from Melanie Sykes, an English television personality who is liked, respected and admired by many.

She also happens to have an autistic son, but she doesn’t parade him about as a science experiment or even try to pretend that he’s anybody other than who he is.

She is neither a Victim or a Warrior. She is simply Melanie Sykes, occasional television personality and full-time Mum to a beautiful boy with autism. And the British nations love her.

Thanks Jenny, but I’ll take Mel’s practical advice, information and support over your stupidity any day of the week.

About Missus Tribble

Media volunteer for Epilepsy Action (UK) and advocate for both epilepsy and autism awareness. Would like a Tardis when I grow up.
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14 Responses to The Outrage Of An Autistic Parent

  1. Ms. B says:

    I know remarkably a lot about this woman, since one of my guilty pleasures is pop culture and the cult of celebrity. I also read her books because I like fantasy.

    Anyway, she believes the vaccinations caused her son to become autistic. She sites a doctor’s theory (Dr. Andrew Wakefield) and testing as the foundation of her belief–even though the Dr. and his methods have largely been debunked and his ethics questioned. She then believes by putting him on a gluten free and vegan diet and chelation therapy, it reversed her son’s autism.

    It is more likely that her son had Landau-Kleffner syndrome and never had autism to begin with, based on later interviews and such that she’s given. Interestingly, she has started to backpedal on the claims that certain vaccinations caused the issue, however, she is still taking money from autism organizations to come and speak and whatnot.

    Call me crazy, but I take a woman who says that she wants to take off her kit one more time before she loses it and proves she’s hot with a boulder of salt. It’s sad though that enough people buy into the cult to think she’s credible before doing their homework.

    • Missus Tribble says:

      I agree; I haven’t read a single thing that allows me to take her seriously. People really buy in to this?

      Yes, the vaccination theory has been proved to be manufactured scaremongering; I never believed it anyway, as I am fully aware that the signs of autism usually begin to display themselves around about the age of 18 months.

      My autistic son actually is a coeliac, and when he was placed on a gluten-free diet his behaviour changed and calmed significantly – but it didn’t go away as this woman claims. He has recently been excluded from school due to a meltdown that – in my opinion – was completely mishandled and merely elevated the situation to what it became. He is not returning to his school and other options are going to be put in place until he begins his SN college in September.

      Thank you for your input; when I come across freak shows like this I always want to learn more!

  2. This is just showing her shameful ignorance. Autism has no cure. All we can hope for is that society will accept every individual for what they are. Nobody is perfect and we are all quirky in a way or another. There is room for all of us here. People need to understand that autism is genetic and not something you catch or can take medicine for. Global awareness, understanding and acceptance is the only solution.

  3. Who is this woman anyway? I’ve never heard of her.

  4. That horrible woman makes my blood boil. She has done significant harm to the autism community. I wish she would just back away from autism and go back to what she does well, comedy.

  5. Rebellibrarian says:

    I was a fan of hers before she became an Autism/Anti-vaccine advocate. She used to be a host on a couple of MTV game shows and was the hot girl who’d burp and fart with the boys. Maybe it’s stereotyping but it seems like she’s a purely American phenomena. It seemed to me that she truly thought she was doing the right thing and fighting the western medical community on behalf of her son and children everywhere. I didn’t see any malice on her part but it seems that as the research has been reviewed and especially after Wakefield’s research could not be reproduced that she crossed the line. Unfortunately, I think once someone has publicly planted a flag with a cause (especially one that involves conspiracy so everything is – in her mind – tainted with lies) it makes it hard to change your mind.

  6. willowdot21 says:

    well done Rose another brilliant post keep shouting some one will here eventually!

  7. Don’t know who this woman is, but her views sound awful – I spend most of my life campaigning against the use of language such as ‘victim’ and ‘suffering’ grrrrrr. Good post Mrs T xx

  8. PJ Rosales says:

    Conditions on the Autism spectrum, such as Aspergers Syndrome, BiPolar Disorder and Clinical Depression are genetic and are entirely to do with dangerous chemicals and electrolytes in the brain. These cannot be picked up along the way, and therefore it is impossible to prevent as you’ll be rearranging the mark-up of the brain whilst it’s in a foetal stage, which would be lethal. The chemicals I mention can be controlled or altered in an ADULT brain, however certainly not during childhood whilst the brain is developing. That’s the scientific side which legitimately disproves Mrs McCarthy’s and Dr Wakefield’s theories.

    The ethical side can be summed up with (if you’ll excuse me language): Jenny McCarthy is a bitch by all meanings of the term and should not be able to legally guardian a child with a condition on the Autistic spectrum. The comments she make are not only insulting, but they demonstrate that she does not like her child. ASD conditions are part of one’s personality, not some biological disease or virus. The above mentioned Doctor in “Ms B”‘s comment is apparently not educated. There is only one way to truly understand ASD condition: and that is to have one yourself.

    On a separate note Missus Tribble, I love you’re writing! You are amazing!

    • Well said. Ignorant people should remain quiet.

    • Missus Tribble says:

      Recently a friend was talking to me about gene therapy, but backed off the subject when he realised that I didn’t want to discuss having my brain genetically rewired, or even have it done. I *like* who I am, I *like* who autism makes me.

      Doctor Wakefield has even admitted that he had no evidence for his theories and that theory is all it was (and I always decried it as bunk anyway) so I don’t understand why McCarthy is still parading that one around – it does exactly nothing for her credibility.

      Thank you so much for your compliments on my blog; I love your writing style too🙂

  9. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Awesome, awesome,fantastic.
    But I’m not sure really about your skepticism how she cured the boy of autism. I mean, I cured a 24yo man with muscular dystrophy by opening my legs and grinning for Playboy so, you know, I really don’t understand your skepticism.

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