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Gypsy Road – Part One

After my ex-partner made me homeless I chose to return to my ancestral Romani roots and hit the road for a while. After all, I had always wanted to leave my home town and I had friends throughout the British … Continue reading

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How To Rock A Discworld Convention

Today I feel the need for something a bit lighter on my blog than the subjects of the last few days, so I’m going to write a piece on how to be Awesome at a Discworld Convention. The husband-shape and … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Little Miracle

D was out checking the Corkscrew Hazel to see if it was producing any nuts this year (we use them in various recipes). There is a small cluster growing on the tree, but what struck him most was this gorgeous … Continue reading

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When The Drugs Don’t Work

On Tuesday I had an emergency appointment with my epilepsy nurse, after he picked up the frantic message that I left on his system over the weekend. He decided not to let me wait another couple of weeks for the … Continue reading

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“What Can’t We Do If We’re Together?” – A Lesson Learned From Danni Warner

Okay, so I’ve had “Buffy, The Musical” going around my head for weeks now, but the title I’ve chosen is actually relevant to this blog post. This post is about strength in numbers, strength in the face of adversity, meeting … Continue reading

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White Silence?

“It sounded like dread and white silence.” – Wendy Torrance ponders the meaning of autism in Stephen King’s “The Shining”. Of course, any high-functioning, verbal autist such as myself can tell you that this is not what autism means at … Continue reading

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“You’re Not Really Epileptic!”

“You pretend to have seizures because you want the attention – you’re not really Epileptic at all.” I looked at my then-husband and flinched. How could he be saying this to me when – in the past – he’d witnessed … Continue reading

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I am still alive and well in the leafy south, but spoons have been low and I’ve been going through some fairly strong self-esteem issues. Since this blog is not the place for hosting a pity party I chose to … Continue reading

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I’m on board with Hugh’s Fish Fight here in Britain. This is progress, but still not progress enough! Some of our best-loved fish are facing extinction because of the discard laws, and it needs to stop NOW!

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The fog was thick inside my brain, a painful force within my head. I took the poison more than once, and in my mind a sweet refrain. “Come in, come in”, the voices said, “Come to our world where nothing … Continue reading

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