A Gay Dad Takes on the Frozen-Hating Mormon Grandmother

It’s a crying shame that this message even still needs to be spread. Since it does, however, I am more than happy to pass it along.

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ImageLast week a self defined Mormon grandmother named Kathryn Skaggs wrote a blog in an effort to alert the world that the movie Frozen was targeting children with a “gay agenda”.  In a sense, she was not alone in seeing “something gay”.  Many gay bloggers reviewed it with the thrill that it captured the air of gay persecution and some went so far as to dub it “the gayest Disney movie ever.”

They, of course, did not mean it in the same way Ms. Skaggs did.    There seems to be some common ground that there is a relevant LGBT message, even if we can’t all agree on exactly what it is, and whether it is “bad”.

Ms. Skaggs is a California pro-proposition 8 activist who feels her religious beliefs should trump the right of other families to enjoy the love and commitment she does.  Her writing expresses the fear that…

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Media volunteer for Epilepsy Action (UK) and advocate for both epilepsy and autism awareness. Would like a Tardis when I grow up.
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8 Responses to A Gay Dad Takes on the Frozen-Hating Mormon Grandmother

  1. Daniel Digby says:

    Oh surely, if we allow gays to marry, it will completely destroy heterosexual marriages. Don’t ask me how, but we are assured it is inevitable by American Family Radio, and who else can you trust if not them? In the meantime, let’s experiment and find out how it’s going to happen.

    Let’s face it. Gay marriage could not only shatter Mrs. Skaggs delicate religious beliefs, it may well end any semblance of her meaning of marriage.

    • Missus Tribble says:

      It’s not “gay marriage” that will shatter the sanctity of *my* marriage – it’s game shows and reality shows that make a mockery of marriage that will achieve such a thing.

      I think Mrs. Skaggs needs to accept that she’s not living in the dark ages and that love is love.

  2. willowdot21 says:

    Hi there Mrs Tribble so nice to see a blog from you. How are you and yours? I am a firm believer in live and let live. I am quite sure that there is plenty of room in the world for gay marriage I believe heterosexual marriage is quite capable of surviving amicably along side same sex marriage. Let’s all be kinder to each other. Then good lord we might be able to do something about the real world problems like war.poverty, abuse and bias. Hugs to you and D. Xxx

    • Missus Tribble says:

      Hi there Willow; we’re both good thanks! Recovering from a particularly nasty stomach virus (I was living on chicken stock for a week!) but doing much better.

      I agree that gay marriage doesn’t threaten hetro marriage at all – it’s game shows making a mockery of marriage that do that. I have a wonderful gay cousin and many gay friends that, when single, I used to go on “dates” with (the safest place for a woman out alone to be is in the location of gay men, who will protect any lone female at the drop of a hat) and two of these friends happen to be married to each other. Not “gay” married; just married and very much in love. Sadly their marriage is legal in America (or at least the State they married in) but not here in England – yet (it’s being legalised this year, I think; whether existing unions will be recognised or if a new marriage ceremony will need performing remains to be seen, but I’m glad to know that one of my friends can marry her girlfriend if she ever wants to). In this day and age love needs to be encouraged and not hindered.

      • willowdot21 says:

        You are so right we need to all be good to each other ! Tear down labels and types! We are all people we are in love with someone … love and hugs to and the family!

  3. y_ddraenog_goch_2 says:

    I can never understand why is it that some people feel the need to enquire into, let alone attempt to criticise or invalidate, others’ sexual preferences and/or sex lives. In my view, the relationships and/or sex lives of consenting people of the age of consent or over are entirely their own private business, and absolutely no business whatsoever of any other person or persons, organisations, governments, or any other authority or entity. I cannot see how the private sex lives of such people can possibly harm anyone who is not a participant.

    If people in a relationship wish to mark, celebrate, or confirm that relationship in any way, then they should have the absolute right to do so, without discrimination, criticism or adverse comment.

    Similarly, in my view, a person’s religious beliefs – or absence of them – are their own private business alone, and ought not to be imposed upon others against their will.

    I cannot see how the film is a ‘threat to society’ at all.

  4. As a Christian myself, I believe you cannot expect unbelievers to act like believers. Also while condemning a practice is one thing, condemning those who carry it out is just plain unhelpful.

  5. The Heretic says:

    I have nominated you for an award.


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