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Epilepsy, Disability And Idiocy

“MOVE IT!” I had just hobbled off the coach, en route to my home town to visit with my son. London Victoria is where I had to change to a different coach, and I was looking forward to the two-hour … Continue reading

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I Have Epilepsy. I Am Not Crazy

Over the years I have heard some truly ridiculous theories – and even phobias – concerning epilepsy. All of those ridiculous statements concerning radiation, or a troubled pregnant mother and whatever else is out there; I’ve heard it all and … Continue reading

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Autism Families And The News

I’m just going to come right out and say it: I am terrified of my autistic son. He is sixteen years old, stands at about five foot eight and has the strength of three grown men. The slightest sign of … Continue reading

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School Bus Special Needs Worker Chokes Autistic Boy As Driver Laughs

I don’t often check the Google alerts that I’ve set up, but in this case I am very glad I did, because this is a stark reminder that people like my son – people like me – are victimised and … Continue reading

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Bullying And The Internet

Everybody is talking about Jimmy Savile. Because of this I’ve elected not to give that odious perversion of a human being any more attention than he’s already getting, so… moving swiftly on… Although, having said the above, the tragic suicide … Continue reading

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The Long Road Home

She stood on a chilly street underneath a streetlamp – the only source of heat. All she had was a small suitcase, an address and a postcode. Beyond that she had no idea what the future held. Her aggressor – … Continue reading

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Gypsy Road – Part Two

How Did I Meet My Ex-Husband Anyway? He was on a street corner late at night, guitar in hand and singing his heart out. A lonely busker, out past midnight in the hope that clubbers would drop him some money.

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Gypsy Road – Part One

After my ex-partner made me homeless I chose to return to my ancestral Romani roots and hit the road for a while. After all, I had always wanted to leave my home town and I had friends throughout the British … Continue reading

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“You’re Not Really Epileptic!”

“You pretend to have seizures because you want the attention – you’re not really Epileptic at all.” I looked at my then-husband and flinched. How could he be saying this to me when – in the past – he’d witnessed … Continue reading

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The Darkest Night

The young woman sat huddled in the bus shelter for what little warmth it offered. In the early hours of a January morning, in below freezing temperatures, she found herself in a coat and a summer skirt, the frosty air … Continue reading

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