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The Veil: Death Changes You

To all intents and purposes, I should be dead. I’m supposed to have died that night in August, when I haemorrhaged and was taken to A&E. I should have left hospital in a box – not in the passenger seat … Continue reading

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Goodbye To Compass

This morning we had our final meeting with Sheila, our Compass counsellor. Since that first meeting, when I was still so withdrawn and suspicious of strangers, it hasn’t really felt like counselling at all; it’s been more like visiting a … Continue reading

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The Lights Are On And Somebody’s Home!

I would usually blog about this at Thoroughly Disordered – my blog about my struggles with alcohol and anorexia – but I felt that this was something to share on my main blog, because for me it is a major … Continue reading

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Status Epilepticus. Again

It truly doesn’t take very much to set me off, it would seem. This time I was triggered whilst talking to my son’s foster father. I only wanted to check that he’d recieved my message about my new phone number, … Continue reading

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Insomnia And Epilepsy

I am never awake at this time of the morning. Well, not usually. Sometimes I simply wake for no good reason and can’t get back to sleep again. I’ll get back on that subject in a moment. Firstly I wanted … Continue reading

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Epilepsy And Lifestyle Changes

As blogged at Thoroughly Disordered yesterday, I need to make some serious lifestyle changes. I chose not to put it all here on my main blog because I felt that it didn’t really belong, but it’s probably still worth a … Continue reading

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I Have Always Been A Medical Mystery…

My body has survived many things over the years that it probably shouldn’t have survived at all. I suffer Status Epilepticus on what now seems to be a regular basis and really ought to spend more time in A&E than … Continue reading

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When The Drugs Don’t Work

On Tuesday I had an emergency appointment with my epilepsy nurse, after he picked up the frantic message that I left on his system over the weekend. He decided not to let me wait another couple of weeks for the … Continue reading

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Saving The Bride

Or, at least, that seems to be what I managed to do with this blog yesterday. Most of you probably remember this post about the Wedding Gown From Hades. Almost three hundred English Pounds ended up in recycling and not … Continue reading

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New Blog

In this blog I cover many subjects; epilepsy, autism, eating disorders, gardening, cooking, pickling/preserving and adventures. This blog is generally where I record my take on certain things, leave my thoughts and fight the cause for autism and epilepsy awareness … Continue reading

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