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“You Should Get A Job…”

“… And then you’d be getting paid for something worthwhile complaining about.” I looked at her; a pretty woman with blonde hair, a stinky attitude and a smug expression on her face. I stand some inches taller than she, and … Continue reading

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A Street Cat Named Bob

Synopsis: The true story of one man and his cat. James Bowen discovered the injured ginger tom just inside the entrance to his sheltered housing block. A lonely busker who had spent ten years on the streets and was nursing … Continue reading

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Hope Orchard Guest House – A Review From The Point Of A Disabled Individual

My husband and I rarely travel, but we do have to regularly find our way from Chelmsford, Essex, to Cheltenham, Gloucestershire in order to visit my family. Since I am a not-particularly-mobile Epileptic individual who often needs the aid of … Continue reading

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The North Wind Doth Blow

  The North Wind doth blow And we shall have snow And what shall the Robin do then, poor thing? He’ll sleep in a barn To keep himself warm And hide his head under his wing Well actually we’re getting … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Little Miracle

D was out checking the Corkscrew Hazel to see if it was producing any nuts this year (we use them in various recipes). There is a small cluster growing on the tree, but what struck him most was this gorgeous … Continue reading

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The Price Of Beauty

I am in no way an “Animal Activist” – at least, not a militant one. I don’t throw eggs at coachloads of posh people attending Hunt Balls (although I used to). I don’t raid laboratories in the misguided idea of … Continue reading

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