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Let The Wind Blow Free

Sometimes, Missus Tribble likes to fall off the balance beam and shake things up with something completely out of character. An unashamed feminist who does Man Things and has toilet humour down to a fine art, Missus Tribble is an … Continue reading

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Sexuality And Disability

In my hometown of Cheltenham lives a very famous lady. She is famous for being amazing. For the sake of argument, we’ll call her “Lisa”. Lisa is only a few years older than myself and is a Thalidomide victim. She … Continue reading

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, As Told By A Sufferer

As I believe I may have mentioned before, my sister – Serena Lesley – has been battling CFS since late 2011. This is a subject that I have been wanting to cover, but as I am completely unqualified to talk … Continue reading

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Femininity? Define “Femininity”

Disclaimer: This blog post is mostly tongue-in-cheek with some valid observations thrown in for good measure. Body parts are mentioned, as is sexuality and… sex. Having said all this, beer-swilling, farting and having a gutter mind also feature heavily so … Continue reading

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