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“You Should Get A Job…”

“… And then you’d be getting paid for something worthwhile complaining about.” I looked at her; a pretty woman with blonde hair, a stinky attitude and a smug expression on her face. I stand some inches taller than she, and … Continue reading

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The World’s Oldest Dog

Over the Christmas period, I thought I’d bring you some stories from my childhood that still warm my heart today. Aside from a few bad memories my upbringing was full of life, love and laughter – largely thanks to my … Continue reading

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Wot I Did On My Holly Days (Or, Life Without Internet)

Our new modem arrived this morning, so Tribble Towers is fully powered and ready to go as far as the internet is concerned. However, during the last forty-eight hours, we’ve had to stumble blindly through that unknown territory which is: … Continue reading

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The Ongoing Nightmare – Poetry

Every night the same A strange building, cold and damp Unloved I sit, watching walls red with blood A strange town, or have I been here before? Rejection, fear, tears run red from my eyes Where am I, who are … Continue reading

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New Life, And The Lessons It Can Teach

I could have put these straight in to the compost bin. Three little ones and the large clump that fell from my ageing, weak parent plant. However, where there’s life there’s hope – and so I gave them a chance. … Continue reading

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Wish Fulfillment Dreams

I often enjoy my dreams; my brain is rich with images and ideas while I’m sleeping. In my dreams I can swim like a dolphin; I can dance, light as a feather, to any rhythm. In my dreams I can … Continue reading

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