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The Life And Times Of A Transient Journalist

I am most definitely not dead, but a lot of things have been happening – both to me and for me. My time has recently been taken up with gardening, cross-stitch, writing for What Culture, running a Facebook group with … Continue reading

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Epilepsy, Disability And Idiocy

“MOVE IT!” I had just hobbled off the coach, en route to my home town to visit with my son. London Victoria is where I had to change to a different coach, and I was looking forward to the two-hour … Continue reading

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The Weekend That Was

Friday: Just for a change I was completely organised and had to do very little packing on Friday morning (toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, laptop). All of my family’s Christmas gifts were wrapped and packed, I’d planned my weekend wardrobe (although – … Continue reading

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Hope Orchard Guest House – A Review From The Point Of A Disabled Individual

My husband and I rarely travel, but we do have to regularly find our way from Chelmsford, Essex, to Cheltenham, Gloucestershire in order to visit my family. Since I am a not-particularly-mobile Epileptic individual who often needs the aid of … Continue reading

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