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Let The Wind Blow Free

Sometimes, Missus Tribble likes to fall off the balance beam and shake things up with something completely out of character. An unashamed feminist who does Man Things and has toilet humour down to a fine art, Missus Tribble is an … Continue reading

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Goodbye To Compass

This morning we had our final meeting with Sheila, our Compass counsellor. Since that first meeting, when I was still so withdrawn and suspicious of strangers, it hasn’t really felt like counselling at all; it’s been more like visiting a … Continue reading

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World Exclusive: Husband Finds Mongo In Pickle Jar!

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Femininity? Define “Femininity”

Disclaimer: This blog post is mostly tongue-in-cheek with some valid observations thrown in for good measure. Body parts are mentioned, as is sexuality and… sex. Having said all this, beer-swilling, farting and having a gutter mind also feature heavily so … Continue reading

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Sexuality And Doctor Who

When I was a little girl, the Doctor was – quite literally – a madman with a box. Wobbly sets, cheesy one-liners, Jelly Babies, aliens, screaming and not a hint of romance or sexual innuendo anywhere. In fact it’s only … Continue reading

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Hallowe’en At Tribble Towers

I hope that everybody – children and adults alike – enjoyed last nights’ spooky shenanigans. I don’t generally take part, but this year I decided to jump in with both feet and dress up. Here’s how I did it: Hair … Continue reading

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A Bit Of Fluff For Your Saturday

Because I’ve had a busy week, have run out of semi-intelligent things to say and this video and accompanying music is beautiful. Well, it is if you’re a Doctor Who fan anyway.

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When I broke my toe back in April, I was quite happy to stay in bed for the first few weeks because that’s what I always tried to do anyway. I was weak from my eating disorder, drained by constant … Continue reading

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Wot I Did On My Holly Days (Or, Life Without Internet)

Our new modem arrived this morning, so Tribble Towers is fully powered and ready to go as far as the internet is concerned. However, during the last forty-eight hours, we’ve had to stumble blindly through that unknown territory which is: … Continue reading

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Can I Get Superpowers With That?

For some time now, I’ve been trying to come up with a clever way of talking about side effects in epilepsy medication. My friend and fellow person with epilepsy (and Marvel comics fan, it seems!) Ant has beaten me to … Continue reading

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