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The Hazy, Not So Lazy, Days Of Summer

As a Shamanic Wiccan who loves to create foods and pickles from the garden, I feel that both Thor and Diana have been kind to me so far this year. Thor has stopped by often enough to clear the humid … Continue reading

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Off The Beaten Track

On the outskirts of a quiet little village in south-east England there lies a medieval farmhouse set in extensive grounds. It was once a derelict wreck with a tree growing straight through the roof; you couldn’t even see the condition … Continue reading

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Nature – The Natural Order

[Disclaimer: I am your proverbial tree hugging, dirt munching hippy Pagan. Opinions written here are very much my own and no judgements or assumptions are being made] Many of my favourite things to do are nature-centric. I love to dance … Continue reading

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Care Of Wild Birds

We all like to encourage birds and other wildlife into our gardens, don’t we? But do we all know how to care for wild garden birds properly? I have a story to tell you…

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Waking Up In Asgard

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The Real Essex

My adopted county seems to receive a lot of bad press; the media shows us images of drunken clubbers, white stilettos and ridiculous clothes. In other words, it has an even worse media image than my hometown of Cheltenham. So, … Continue reading

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The North Wind Doth Blow

  The North Wind doth blow And we shall have snow And what shall the Robin do then, poor thing? He’ll sleep in a barn To keep himself warm And hide his head under his wing Well actually we’re getting … Continue reading

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I have always loved autumn; the turning of the leaves, the slight chill in the air, the promise of beautiful sunsets and cooler nights. Extra layers on the bed, fluffy pyjamas, cosy jumpers to snuggle in to – a whole … Continue reading

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I Have Always Been A Medical Mystery…

My body has survived many things over the years that it probably shouldn’t have survived at all. I suffer Status Epilepticus on what now seems to be a regular basis and really ought to spend more time in A&E than … Continue reading

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A Gardener’s Planning Year

It may not be growing season just yet, but it is certainly time to begin planning anything new in the borders that will work around existing plants. This year I have decided to mix vegetables in with my flowers, as … Continue reading

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