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The Ultimate Devotion

I love to write free-form, unstructured poetry. It’s honest; it’s pure; it’s emotive in a way that structured, rhyming stanzas are sometimes not. I dedicate this free-form to my wonderful husband, D, who has no idea how much I truly … Continue reading

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Epilepsy Won’t Hold Me Back Any More!

I spent much of yesterday attempting to compose my thoughts and feelings concerning my meeting with Sheila at Compass and what was discussed there. I couldn’t really piece it all together, so instead I gave you some fluff about my … Continue reading

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The Long Road Home

She stood on a chilly street underneath a streetlamp – the only source of heat. All she had was a small suitcase, an address and a postcode. Beyond that she had no idea what the future held. Her aggressor – … Continue reading

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The Ongoing Nightmare – Poetry

Every night the same A strange building, cold and damp Unloved I sit, watching walls red with blood A strange town, or have I been here before? Rejection, fear, tears run red from my eyes Where am I, who are … Continue reading

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